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Savasana literally means "corpse pose"

The "corpse" is an image used to remind us to turn all switches in the body off, becoming still, and coming to a place of dropping fully to the earth under us.

It is considered in many yoga traditions as the most important yoga pose!

~ Why?

It is the yoga pose that has the most potential to take us to the next level of our practice - meditation.

It also invites us to practice how to let go which is something we all need to practice.

On a physical level - we let the body unwind, tension release, skin soften, joints and muscles rest. We let the practice get absorbed in our tissues and nervous system. We come out of it, hopefully, feeling calm and refreshed, carrying the benefits of our yoga practice with us as we continue our day.

When we get more established in our practice, rather than dropping into sleepiness or train of thoughts, we can scan the body while we're resting, noticing sensations, becoming aware of experience moment by moment. We can also develop a state of equanimity which is not holding on and grasping what feels pleasant, not rejecting or pushing away what feels unpleasant, and not getting bored and uninterested with what feels like neither.

Here are some tips:

First take a moment to find a good position which allows you to stay still and encourages a gradual release.

Then observe your body carefully, notice places of tension, notice places that are soft and spacious, notice blind spots.

Start with you feet and palms, they are usually more sensitive. If you can't feel anything stay there until you do. Once you do move on to other parts of your body, maybe notice the belly, chest, face.

Finally after you start noticing sensations more clearly, scan your body from feet to head, and then from head to feet. Move your awareness at your own speed, one that isn't too slow and dull and isn't too fast and superficial.



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