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Hey, My Name is Oren

I came across yoga while traveling in South India in 2006 and have been dedicated to the practice of yoga in all its facets ever since. Yoga for me is not just a practice I do on the mat but rather a 24/7 intention to live a conscious and examined life, one that leads me towards the essential goals of yoga. Happy to say I have made much progress, equally happy to say that I have much further to go.


​Due to great fortune and some deliberate effort, I was able to study and practice along the years with some of the greatest yoga masters of our time, mainly Richard Freeman, Mati Ezrati, AG and Ganesh Mohan, David Swenson, Tim Miller, and Annie Carpenter. I also spent a full year living in Mysore (India) deepening my own practice of Asana and Pranayama, studying in-depth yoga philosophy, and expanding my horizons in many directions. The high quality of yoga education I received along the years led me to be the teacher I am today. I am very grateful for the teachings and all the teachers that shared their knowledge and experience with me.


I am also an avid meditator, did a few Vipassana retreats in centers all over the world, spent long stretches of time on retreat in Monasteries in North Thailand, and continue to practice meditation daily. In past years I have transitioned from Vipassana based practice to Dzogchen and other non-dual approaches.

My Teaching Style

I feel very privileged to be able to share yoga with others, it is fulfilling on many levels. I see the role of a yoga teacher as someone who is there to teach by self example, offering guidance and support that are inspiration based. Teaching yoga has to be deeply rooted in a committed, dedicated and sincere practice of the teacher otherwise it simply doesn’t have any value, therefore I am first and foremost a yoga practitioner and student.


I follow the essence of the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and try my best to teach in his spirit in a way that is adapted and suited for the current time. I do not follow any organized school of yoga and thus am free to offer a more effective, adaptable and inclusive practice. My classes are non-dogmatic, compassionate, and encouraging self-inquiry and modification so that yoga fits the individual and not the other way around.


The main focus of the teachings I am passing along is the linking between breath and movement (Vinyasa) that works on different levels and affects body, breath and mind profoundly. I maintain intellectual honesty, making sure that I do not make any claims about the practice that can not be backed by evidence or at least serious common sense, always welcoming questioning and inquiry and open to change whatever is needed so that the classes I offer are as effective as can be. I try to find a happy middle between staying true to the ancient tradition and essence of yoga and also lean on contemporary sources of knowledge that increase safety and efficiency.

Each class has a different emphasis, part of it is a flow of movements and postures, and the other part involves holding postures with a self-reflective state of mind. I try to incorporate pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation into the classes as well, they are considered the higher forms of yoga practice. All classes are taught in English.

Oren Yoga In Person
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