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The only way out is in

Dear Friend,

The upcoming weeks are a perfect time for some introspection and self-reflection, to go a bit deeper into the more meditative internal forms of yoga practice. After all, yoga is meant to improve our daily life, our state of mind and wellbeing. Life primarily happens in our mind, with our thoughts and emotions playing the biggest role in how we experience life. The mind is where yoga should eventually make the biggest difference.

After every morning practice I remind myself to share with others whatever fruits or merits that my practice brings me. It is this intention that keeps my practice from becoming a selfish act and turns it into a more selfless one. I also offer gratitude to all the guides and teachers that contributed to my practice and wellbeing along the years, and to all the wonderful things that I have in my life (there are too many of them to count). I also offer gratitude to all the things that I don't have, and to the difficulties and challenges that come my way as they are all there for the purpose of gaining wisdom, growth and resilience.

There are different ways to transform the default settings of the mind and create new settings that are much more conducive to a happy, content, peaceful and joyful life :)

Thank you all for coming to yoga with an open heart!

Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

With love and gratitude,


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