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Dear Friends!

This is no doubt a very challenging time for everyone, this situation the world is in has been going on for a long time, and it is definitely starting to take it's toll on all of us.

Recently, I am deeply grateful, more than ever, for my daily yoga and meditation practice which is an anchor that keeps me grounded and able to hold unpleasant states of mind in my heart without losing the basic joy and appreciation of life for all it's colors, shapes and textures. Obviously, at times, I feel lost and hopeless like everyone else, but the practice always seems to bring me back to a place of clarity, peace, and a healthy amount of surrender to things which are beyond my control.

What is the secret ingredient that yoga must contain in order to keep us centered and at peace in the face of a rapid changing reality?

It is the practice of calm introspection!

Simply witnessing our breath, body or mind, even for a moment or two at a time, trying to avoid getting lost in judgement or self-evaluation, remaining calm and at peace. It is that simple and yet tremendously profound.

As we experience more of these moments of mindfulness, we discover that the reality that matters most to our wellbeing is the internal one and not so much the external one. It is what is happening in the mind that determines whether we feel content or disappointed, peaceful or distressed, happy or miserable.

As human beings, we have the potential to change the way we react to situations, we can create new narratives that are more serving and beneficial to us. It takes some practice and patience, but we all have the potential for this self-transformation.

This realization, not so much intellectually but rather experientially, is liberating and life changing!

Feel free to get in touch with me with anything that is on your mind.

Wishing you a healthy and happy start of the new year!

With love and gratitude,



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