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Dear friend,

I hope you are well, taking in all the colors, shapes and shades in the palette of life, enjoying the richness of it all, the good and bad and all that's between.

Those of you who have been in my classes may have noticed that I keep a ritual of offering gratitude at the end. I want to briefly explain what is behind this and why I keep at it.

Gratitude practice has been a part of the yoga tradition since its early stages, it makes so much sense and here are a few reasons why.

  1. When we offer gratitude we are reminded of all the valuable things or people that we have in our life, very often we take things for granted and this short moment highlights that which brings goodness into our life.

  2. Gratitude is an antidote to the tendency all humans have to withdraw to self-centredness. We tend to perceive most things in terms of what they do for us, even when we give to others there is often an underlaying self-serving intention. This is something that is ingrained in most of us and is very natural but there is great benefit in giving space to our selfless potential which tends to bring a sense of connectedness and profound fulfilment.

  3. This moment of gratitude might also be a moment of checking in and taking a closer look where we are in our life and what is sustaining and nourishing us. It's a great opportunity for introspection.

Here are a few things that you can emphasize in order to make this practice more effective:

  1. Try to be as sincere in your gratitude as possible.

  2. Choose easy objects of gratitude first - people or things that clearly benefit you.

  3. As you feel more comfortable with this practice start giving gratitude to things you don't have, to difficulties and challenges that come your way. This will take this practice further and cultivate a realization of the fullness of life and how everything, whether coming or going, giving or taking, present or absent, plays an equal role in this wonderful and rich phenomena called life.

Always happy to hear your thoughts on this topic or any other!

May you all enjoy prosperity, peace and love!

If you find yourself curious about these kinds of topics - join a workshop, a retreat, or any other event on offer.

Looking forward to sharing yoga with you in November.

With love and gratitude


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