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yoga IN pe son

yoga that fits ALL levels, ages and bodies

"Adapting yoga to suit the needs of every unique individual
is where the true greatness of yoga lies" - TKV Desikachar

Yoga Workshop
Spring Weekend Yoga Retreat

I have been a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga for almost two decades, and teaching full time for about 10 years. I have learned and practiced with some of the world's great yoga masters and spent long stretches of time in India deepening my studies and practice.

Teaching yoga is not just a fulltime job from me, it is an expression of my own daily practice and insights. I have gained some yoga knowledge and experience along the years and it gives profound satisfaction to share it with anyone who finds it useful.


My style of teaching is gentle, kind and caring. My approach is non-dogmatic, open-minded and adaptive to the individual, encouraging inquiry, investigation and compassion.

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