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Yoga in person - Oren

Fits All Levels, Ages And Bodies

"Adapting yoga to suit the needs of every unique individual

is where the true greatness of yoga lies"

TKV Desikachar



The classes we offer are deeply ingrained in the ancient traditions of yoga and the essence of the teachings, we are also incorporating a modern evidence based perspective and high standards of intellectual honesty in an open-minded and non-dogmatic fashion that invites inquiry and empowers the individual practitioner to discover what works for them.

All classes in Berlin are in English and are based on the principle of vinyasa, linking breath and movement, promoting mindfulness and compassion and emphasizing body-mind connection.

Our mission is to offer the most effective yoga practice in a safe space that accepts everyone as they are with an open heart with the purpose of improving wellbeing on all levels.


I have been a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga for almost two decades, teaching full time for more than 10 years. I have traveled all over the world to study and practice with some of the great yoga masters of our time and spent long stretches of time in India practicing intensively and deepening my understanding of yoga in all its facets.

Teaching yoga is not just a job for me, it comes from a passionate commitment to sharing the insights I discovered in my own practice and years of contemplation with the intention of being of service for those who wish to fulfill their full potential to live a good life (what is a good life..? That is to be discovered from practicing and studying yoga).


My style of teaching is gentle, kind and caring. My approach is non-dogmatic, open-minded, based on yoga being adapted to the individual’s needs and capacities and not the other way around. I try to guide people in a process of self-inquiry in which they arrive at their own insights instead of being told how they should feel.

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One Day Yoga Retreat

A full and fun day of yoga practice and study meant to expand your yoga experience and leave you with lots of tools and insights to take along on your path. 

Go HERE for more info and registration.

Autumn Retreat

A long weekend surrounded by serene nature meant for spending quality transformative time with yourself, taking a break from the routines of daily life and getting a profound taste of living a full yoga lifestyle. Enjoy good company, delicious and nutritious vegan/vegetarian food, walks in nature and a little silence.

Go HERE for more info and registration.

  • How do I book a spot for a class?
    You can book any class on the Schedule page or with your sports app (look for classes under “Yoga In Person”).
  • How much does a class cost?
    There are different payment options depending on how often you want to join a class and how much you are willing to commit long term. Check out the Prices page for info and don’t hesitate to contact us if any question or concern arises, we never want money to be an obstacle for practicing yoga.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    You can cancel anytime up to 12 hours before the start of the class, after that it will count as a class taken. Not showing to class for any reason will also count as a participation.
  • Can a class card or monthly package be transferable?
    No, sorry.
  • I’m an Urban Sports Club member, can I book a spot for your classes?
    Yes you can! Search on the app for Yoga In Person, you will find the different locations where classes are offered in Berlin. Book your spot from the app.
  • What style of yoga are you teaching?
    We do not subscribe to any specific yoga school or tradition, therefore we name it Hatha-Vinyasa which implies being authentic and true to the essence of yoga as a breath-movement based practice. Our classes are rooted in years of experience and input from different traditions, keeping the best qualities of each one and letting go of the faults and shortcomings with the intention of offering a non-dogmatic yet effective yoga practice.
  • Can I do a trial class to see if I like it?
    Definitely! You can try one class or 4 classes (in one month) to make sure you connect to the teacher and practice. Check out the prices page for details.
  • How do I get started if I am completely new to yoga?
    Our classes are suitable for all levels of experience in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible, beginners are very welcome! We try to offer enough alternatives so that anyone can choose what is most appropriate for them. You may need a few classes to feel comfortable with all the information that is given, be patient and don’t be frustrated if some of what the teacher is talking about doesn't register. We also offer private one-on-one sessions, where you can be introduced to yoga and get personal guidance, this gives you the opportunity to get to know the fundamentals of the poses and other aspects of the practice. Always feel free to express any questions and concerns to the teacher, whether it be a group or private class.
  • I’ve tried yoga a few times but I’m “not a professional yet”, which classes can I join?
    You can join ALL the classes we are offering, we make sure to offer enough variations so that anyone can choose what works best for them and progress at their own pace.
  • I’m looking for a dynamic and active yoga practice, are any of your classes suitable for me?
    It depends. Our classes are slower in pace compared to the conventional dynamic yoga classes, on the other hand we sometimes move and hold some poses in a way that can build quite a lot of strength and flexibility. Classes can be challenging but not in the same way as fitness based yoga classes are as our focus is more on the mindful aspect of yoga practice.
  • I’m looking for a yoga class that is less “sporty”, I am more interested in stress reduction and relaxation. Which of your classes do you recommend?
    All classes on the schedule can be suitable, we offer yoga true to its source which means that it is primarily about calming the mind. However, classes can be somewhat physically challenging but at the same time you are encouraged to modify the intensity so that the practice fits your needs and capacity and not the other way around.
  • Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?
    Not at all! In fact, the less flexible you are the more benefits yoga can give you in that direction. Flexibility can even be a disadvantage in yoga if not used wisely. The classes we offer are suitable for all body types with no exceptions.
  • I am pregnant, can I still join the yoga classes?
    You are very welcome to join our classes particularly at the first and even second trimester if you are an experienced yoga practitioner. Make sure you talk to the teacher beforehand and get some specific instructions so that you don’t do things that may cause some unnecessary difficulties. During the latter stages of pregnancy we recommend finding a Prenatal Yoga class, we are happy to recommend one.
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
    A more balanced state of mind and body, a light feeling, higher awareness, improved concentration, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Also improves flexibility and muscle joint mobility, strengthens some muscles, improves posture, good for the back, improves muscular-skeletal conditions such as bad knees, tight shoulders and neck and scoliosis, stimulates the glands of the endocrine system, improves digestion and elimination, increases circulation, improves heart conditions, improves breathing disorders, boosts immune system, decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and encourages weight loss. For the dedicated and committed yogis, yoga can lead one to different stages of spiritual awakening.
  • In what language are the classes taught?
    All classes are taught in English.
  • How can I find where the class is located?
    Currently we are offering yoga classes in different locations around Berlin. You can find the exact location of each class on the Schedule page, you also get it on your confirmation email after signing up.
  • Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
    No, we have public mats you can use for free.
  • Do you have an etiquette or specific rules of conduct that I need to be aware of?
    We have a few guidelines that we suggest paying attention to in order to make sure everyone’s yoga experience is the best it can be. Check out the Etiquette section for details.
  • Can I join a class if I’m a total beginner?
    Of course! Most of our classes are suitable for all levels of experience in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible. Beginners are very welcome, we try to offer enough options so that anyone can choose what is most appropriate for them. You may have to allow 3-5 classes for the sensory input to start sinking in, so patience is required.
  • What if I have a pre-existing injury, or if I am recovering from a previous injury/illness?
    It depends on the severity of your condition, please consult with us if you’re not sure. Make sure to inform the teacher of any injuries or physical conditions you have in advance, you will be receiving specific instructions and variations. It is our job to keep you safe! Yoga has the potential to heal if practiced correctly. If you do experience pain during class, stop what you’re doing and let the teacher know.
  • How should I prepare for class? Do I need to bring anything?
    Wear something comfortable that will enable you to move freely, we recommend clothing that is light and breathable. Make sure to have an additional layer of clothing for when the body cools down. If you own a yoga mat, you may bring it to class, and any other props you may like to use. However, we do have a supply of mats, blocks and straps for your use during all classes. Avoid eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class, juice, fruit or a health bar are ok. Practicing on an empty stomach will help to avoid discomfort and distraction. Arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can get settled on your mat and be ready to start in a calm state.
  • What can I expect from the first class?
    Experiences often vary from person to person. However, you can expect to move (and begin to open) different parts of your body, breathe deeper and explore new places within yourself. Remember that an open mind and a sense of humor are essential if one wants to experience the joy of yoga. Don’t hesitate to avoid doing something that doesn’t feel right for your body. It’s encouraged to rest whenever you feel you need a break or if something is too much. Always be true to yourself, no matter what.
  • When should I arrive at class and do I need to make a reservation?
    Please arrive at least 5 minutes early and even better 10 minutes, that will give you enough time to settle in and start the class in the right state of mind. Make sure you sign up before HERE or via your sports app otherwise we cannot guarantee a spot will be available.
  • Why are your classes so long?
    Most of our classes are longer than other studio classes which is for a good reason, a yoga class that is less than 75-90 minutes is significantly less effective and offers more of a “fast food” experience, generic yoga studios have shortened their sessions for purely business reasons. We totally understand if you are short on time and not able to attend a longer yoga class, in that case we recommend you try our Saturday morning flow class or find another studio where classes are more suitable for your schedule.

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