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Essential Teachings of the Yoga Sutras - Part 2


Go Deep into the root and essence of yoga as a philosophy and practice A weekly study of the essential teachings of Yoga from a philosophical point of view. The Yoga Sutra written by Patanjali around the 2nd Century CE is essential reading for all students who wish to get a deeper understanding of the meaning, purpose and practice of yoga. Understanding Yoga philosophy can help us understand the context of our practice and thus improve it significantly. It is also a fertile ground for stimulating discussions about the essence of life. This series of classes will concentrate on Ashtanga Yoga, the eight-limb yoga method, the practical application of Patanjali's teachings. We will dive deep into the first four limbs known as the external limbs. We will explore a few sutras (verses) on each occasion, breaking them down and using them as starting points for further inquiry. Series Price: 40€ (7 videos) Click on "Request to join", and a confirmation link will be sent by mail. After your request to join will be approved, you will get a link to the program for payment options.

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