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Become a certified teacher or simply turn your passion of yoga into a life changing journey deep into the practice and philosophy. 

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga In Person

500+ hours Teacher training

In Person ✦ In English ✦ In Berlin


Next Course:

January 4th, 2024 - December 19th, 2025


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What is included?

First Year

40 Weekly 2 hour Sessions

☛ 10 Full Sundays of study and practice

☛ Urban Meditation Retreat (in Berlin)

☛ Teacher Training Manual + Additional Book

☛ Applied Anatomy and Physiology Course (30 Hour)

☛ Full access to the teachers throughout the year

☛ Maximum 8 participants in the certification program

Second Year

40 Weekly 2 hour Sessions

☛ 10 Full Sundays of study and practice

☛ 3 day retreat in the Berlin Area

☛ Urban Meditation retreat (in Berlin)

☛ Additional Study Book

☛ Applied Anatomy and Physiology Course (20 Hour)

☛ Mentorship Process to become a skilled yoga teacher

Here is some general info about the course

Berlin 2019 Yoga Teacher Training
Berlin 2019 Yoga Teacher Training

This yoga teacher training program is meant for people who have benefited profoundly from yoga and have a strong commitment to the practice on and off the mat and also feel a strong urge to share this with others.

Those who wish to significantly deepen their own practice and expand their yoga horizons on all levels can join the first year for a reduced price without getting certified to teach.

The teachings in this course are rooted in ancient origins of yoga and its evolution throughout the centuries, it is also integrated with a modern evidence based approach rooted in intellectual honesty and inquiry. Prepare for learning in a non-dogmatic environment that encourages you to investigate, think for yourself, and understand the essence and context of things.

The course schedule will include weekly 2 hour sessions in Sarasvati Yoga Berlin (Day/Time TBD) and a full Sunday once a month (location will be posted soon).

There will be in total 40 weekly sessions and 10 Sundays of study and practice as well as an urban meditation retreat. You will have homework and tasks to complete between sessions, and will be expected to practice regularly on your own throughout the course.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in the first year of the program: yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, breaking down classic yoga postures and movements, developing an effective self-practice, deepening pranayama and meditation practice, learning basic Vedic chanting and other topics related to yoga.

The second year will focus on developing teachings skills such as sequencing a class, breaking down more yoga postures and movements, giving effective instructions, yoga therapy and more. You will also be guided in taking your self-practice to the next level. This year will be more mentorship based, you will get plenty of personal feedback so that your teaching skills are developed and you are ready to offer valuable yoga classes to students. You will be asked to assist in classes and gradually build up towards teaching full and effective classes on your own.

Certification will be given at the end of the second year after completing all tasks, passing personal evaluations and practical exams. 

Oren will be the main teacher of the course, there will also be guest teachers teaching other related topics. Feel free to contact the team anytime throughout the course for any question or concern.

About the approach
to yoga and Oren

Yoga In Person Teachers Club
Yoga In Person Teachers Club

The style of yoga taught in the course is - 'Breath-Centered Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga'.

Yoga is essentially a healing methodology. Every human can use some healing, whether on the level of the body or the mind. From the yoga perspective the mind and body are one and most of us hold layers of conditional patterns that are deeply ingrained and cause us discomfort, pain, or any other form of distress. These can be resolved so that we can enjoy our full potential to be a joyful, radiant, happy and peaceful.

Yoga practice should be holistic to be effective, to access different aspects of experience and guide us through a self healing process, whether through Asana (yoga postures and movements), Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), Meditation or through changing our perception, choices and attitudes.

The underlaying concept behind the teaching in this course is that every person is different and there is no one-size-fits-all practice that works for everyone, in order for Yoga to have sustainable positive benefits it should fit the individual's unique needs and capacity. It is a non-dogmatic approach that requires teachers to fill their tool box so that they can adapt to each individual.

We will learn yoga as a practical and functional method and avoid falling into form and aesthetic traps that usually lead to ineffective or even harmful results. There will be an emphasis on how to avoid causing injury or pain and to maximize the many positive benefits that yoga has to offer. 

Oren has been a dedicated yoga and Dhamma (Buddhist meditation) practitioner for over 17 years and a full-time teacher for 10. He lives and breathes yoga and tries to teach first and foremost by self example. He is also a passionate student of yoga and Buddhist philosophy and has a vast and rich experience and knowledge both as a practitioner as well as a teacher that he would love to share with you.


Oren comes from a family of educators and teachers, he is passionate about the art of teaching and is eager to share some of the skills and insights that he developed along the years of teaching many students. Being a good yoga teacher requires one to be a genuine yoga practitioner but also to acquire useful teaching skills so that experience and knowledge can be shared effectively. 

Read more about Oren HERE


Registration Requirements:

 Minimum 2 years of yoga practice experience.

 Passion, curiosity, open mind and willingness to study, inquire, introspect and practice.

Yoga In Person Teachers Club
Yoga In Person Teachers Club

Course Requirements:

 Participate in at least 80% of the course.

 If you can't attend for any reason make sure you study the material on your own.

 Complete the principle tasks.

 Complete the online anatomy section of the course.

 Complete a self-exam, two written essays and all practicum requirements.

 Pass personal evaluation at the end of each year.

 Develop a regular, effective and sustainable self-practice.

 Be in contact with Oren on a regular basis so that your progress is monitored.

More Questions?

Schedule a 30 minute info-call with Oren



Yoga In Person Teachers Club
Yoga Mudra
Yoga Mudra

 Full Course - 6600

 Early Bird Price (pay before December 10th) - 6250

 First Year Course without certification - 2200€ (early bird 2000€)

 Scholarships Available

  • One work-study scholarship of 450€ – help with basic administration, communication, be responsible for taking photos and videos. Please send an email to and let us know why you are the right person for this role.


 Deposit (non-refundable) - 500

 Payment in instalments (without surcharge) is also possible. 

EMAIL to get the instalment payment agreement.

 The price includes all course materials and sessions, a training manual, handouts, a yoga retreat (full board), urban meditation retreat, anatomy course materials, two books.

Cancellation Policy:

  • The deposit is non-refundable.

  • Cancellations between two and four weeks before training start receive a 50% tuition refund. In the two weeks prior to the start of training or after the program begins, no refunds are available. If the training is abandoned voluntarily, no refund can be made and the contract persists even if paid in installments.

  • If the course is cancelled due to unforeseen events (pandemic, global crisis, etc..) or if the minimum number of participants is not reached you will receive a full refund of your payments including the deposit.

Email me for any question, concern or comment at


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