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Take your practice to the next level


Become a certified yoga teacher

Two Year Yoga Intensive Program in Berlin (2021-22)

- Yoga IN Person (English) - 

A New and Original Model

This model allows you to significantly deepen your knowledge of yoga, the different applications of it, its essence and context, and also, most importantly, take your own individual practice to the next level.

You can do all that without having to commit the time or money to the entire program. You can join any class or workshop that is interesting for you and pay per session that you take (special packages are available).

You can also become a fully certified yoga instructor if you complete the entire course and meet the standards required.

About the Program..

It is a comprehensive, professional, high standard course, which includes both theoretical as well as practical studies in variety of topics such as yoga-asana (yoga postures and movement), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, anatomy of yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic chanting, and more.

What makes this course unique is our approach to yoga which combines the ancient wisdom with modern knowledge and science. It is a non-dogmatic approach which at its base has the understanding that we are all different in many ways, and that yoga must fit the individual and not the other way around. This approach has proven to provide the ideal conditions for the process of transformation and evolution of the individual on the path of yoga.

We believe in giving full respect to the origin and tradition of yoga, studying it and maintaining a deep understanding of its essence, but at the same time finding the most effective ways in which yoga can be applied in the 21st century.

We keep the course small and intimate in order to allow personal attention and support in your own individual growth.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher

We strive to provide you with a top quality YTT experience which gives you a profound understanding and knowledge of yoga theory, as well as a wide range of tools that you could use when sharing your knowledge with others, so that you can become an authentic and professional yoga instructor or teacher.

We select the participants very carefully to make sure that every one who joins the full program can really benefit from it, and that the group dynamic is the most supportive and nourishing for everyone who participates.

  • After completing year one and meeting all the requirements, you will receive a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate and will be able to offer classes as a yoga instructor.

  • After completing year two and meeting all the requirements, you will receive a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate and will be able to offer classes as a yoga teacher.

Pre-requirements to Join the Full Program

  • At least 2 years of regular yoga practice

  • Interest, curiosity, devotion and passion for the path and tradition of yoga and mindfulness

  • Openness and willingness to go on a journey that requires self-reflection and expanding the comfort zone

  • Filling an application form

  • Face to face meeting with Oren 

Locations of training:

  • Master Class and Workshops - TBD

  • Yoga Philosophy - yoga IN person Schönberg @ Innsbrucker Str. 21, 10825

  • Retreats - Anandahaus in Brandenburg

How to Register

  • To join the full program fill the application form here

  • We will contact you after reviewing your application

  • If you wish to join the entire program pay a deposit of 500

  • Paying the remaining course fee no later than the first day of the course

  • To join a specific session or buy a package go here

  • Contact us for any question or comment at:


Read About The Different Classes and Workshops
Fill the application form for the full program

Minimum Requirements to Receive a 200 hour YA Certificate:

  • Participate in a minimum of 180 hours of 200

  • Miss a maximum of one teacher training workshop sessions

  • Attend two full 5 day retreats (in Brandenburg)

  • Complete the Online Anatomy Course

  • Take 2 one-on-one sessions with Oren (one hour each)

  • Pass the final self-exam

  • Pass the practical exam (teaching a full class)

Register to a class or workshop


To be announced soon..

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