"Yoga, to me, is what provides that tiny crack of daylight between how I react to things and what I do in response" - Leslie Kaminoff

Private yoga

A yoga class in a private setting, in the studio or at your place

Each practice is designed to suit your personal needs and requirements

We practice a style of yoga called "hatha-vinyasa"


A yoga method which is based on linking movement with breath in a balance between effort and ease which has a calming effect on the mind and the nervous system. The classes will target whatever needs to be processed, may it be a therapeutic aspect or another intention that you would like to pursue with yoga.

yoga coaching

One-on-one setting, in the studio or at your own place

Suitable for anyone in need of guidance, reflection or support in life


We will only be using tools and knowledge from the yoga and Buddhist traditions. In the sessions we will do some talking, breathing and meditating, as well as other exercises. It is a process that is meant to change the patterns of thinking and behaving from non-constructive to constructive ones, and to ultimately take a few steps towards resolving ourselves and finding peace within.

This is not psychotherapy or any other formal type of therapy. It is merely a guided and self-reflective experience of how to live a more present and (w)holistic lifestyle, externally and internally.

yoga therapy

One-on-one setting, in the studio or at your own place

Suitable for anyone who wants to try an alternative method to healing or recovering, the only requirement is that you are able to breath :)


Yoga Therapy is a growing and much needed tool in the modern world. It has been used for many generations in India. It is using yoga techniques and approach to healing the body and mind and is helpful in all physical or mental conditions - recovering from a surgery or injury, dealing with chronic issues, helping with sleeping disorders, dealing with disease or limitations of all kinds, and more, much more..

In this method we will use breath and movement, as well as some yoga postures. The focus is on that which is functioning well and not on what is "wrong".

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