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Teaching yoga can be challenging at times, particularly when we start out. Join this programme to get support on all levels.

Mentoring Programme for Yoga Teachers

A special programme designed for yoga teachers who are looking for mentoring either in their first stage of teaching yoga or after gaining some experience as a way to improve and refine their skills.


March-December 2023

Exact dates will be given if requested

What does this programme include?

☛ Workshop every two months on different topics related to teaching yoga (total: 5 workshops).

☛ Teacher Group Chat once a month where different topics related to the practical and theoretical aspects of teaching will be discussed (total: 10 group chats).

☛ One-on-one sessions with Oren who is a highly experienced teacher for a more personalized mentoring experience (total: 3 sessions).

☛ Email correspondence with Oren throughout the duration of the programme.



Some of the topics that will be covered in these bi-monthly 2.5 hour workshops are:

  • Verbal cues and adjustments

  • Sequencing a class

  • Finding our own voice and style of teaching

  • Hands-On adjustments

  • Modifications and variation to Asana and Vinyasa

  • Setting the right rhythm and tone to a class

  • Ethics, conduct and intention

  • Cultivating your life-long home practice: tools for deepening awareness and developing source material for teaching.

  • And more...


Teacher Group Chat

We will meet on zoom once a month for 1 hour group chat to talk about everything related to teaching yoga, from how to deal with specific issues to general big picture stuff.

Each session will have a theme or focus but you are very welcome to bring whatever topic or issue that is on your mind.

This is not only a great way to learn to things and address different issues that come up for a yoga teacher, it is also a wonderful opportunity to feel a part of a community with much shared experiences.

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One-on-One with Oren

You will meet Oren 3 times, 1 hour each time, either In-Person or on Zoom (you decide). 

You will have a chance to talk about anything that is on your mind and receive some tips and guidelines according to your needs and wishes.

Oren has been teaching yoga fulltime for 10 years and is happy to share with you from his vast experience as a teacher and a practitioner.

You can also email Oren anytime a question or concern arises throughout the duration of the programme.



Full Programme:


Additional One-on-One session:

60 each



To apply for this programme or ask any question you may have please send an email to Oren at:

Let Oren know what are your goals and expectations from this programme and feel free to add anything that feels relevant.

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