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“In modern life, we are mostly in our minds; our bodies are ignored and dysregulated. We are not designed to function this way: technology and socioeconomic conditions force this on us. Good breathing is a great way to rebalance ourselves. Steady, slow, easy, mindful breathing resets our stress response and activates integrative self-regulation in our body physiology. The mind and body come closer together, bringing us to a more natural state, how we are meant to be.” ― Dr. Ganesh Mohan


Half Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Saturday, May 7th, 9:30-15:30


What is a Half-Day-Yoga-Retreat?

This is a great opportunity to experience the effects of a deeper practice done in the most ideal conditions. Yoga has been around for Centuries and been practiced by millions of people along the years. It is meant to be a practice that brings profound transformation particularly in one's internal landscape where we all have infinite potential for peace, joy and love. Yoga is essentially not complicated and is really accessible to anyone who is sincerely interested. All that is required is an open mind, open heart, and a curious inquisitive attitude.

I want to invite you to join this experience and give the deeper dimensions of yoga a chance!

We will explore different forms of practice, some of them very ancient, some more modern, each targeting a  different aspect of our body-mind experience.

We will meet in the morning, practice some breathing and meditation, then we will do a yoga asana practice (yoga postures and movement), we will take a short lunch break and meet again for more meditation and then close with a little bit of chanting and a short talk about yoga philosophy.

Retreat Schedule:

9:30-10:45   |  Kriya, Pranayama and Meditation

11:00-12:30  |  Asana

12:30-13:15  |  Lunch Break (Bring your own lunch)

13:15-14:30  |  Meditation and restorative yoga

14:45-15:30  | Short Talk


Saturday, May 7th, 2022


Sarasvati Yoga Berlin

Bundesallee 53, 10715, Berlin


35€ if paid before May 4th

40€ if paid after May 4th

30€ + check-in for Urban Sports Club members

Reserve Your Spot


Send payment via PayPal to (Friends & Family)

or Bank Transfer to: Oren Zaslavsky | DE06100110012627633482

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