“The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.” ― T.K.V. Desikachar

hatha-vinyasa yoga

A breath-centered practice.

Suitable for all levels and anyone 16 or older


A yoga method which is based on linking movement with breath in an intelligent mindful way and finding a balance between effort and ease. Part of the practice is a flow of movement and posture as one is "riding" the breath, the other part involves holding postures for a little longer while maintaining the internal flow in a meditative quality. This kind of practice has a calming effect on the mind and the nervous system, it also enhances strength and flexibility, and gives an overall feeling of well-being and health.

yoga for emotional healing

Special yoga techniques that address trauma and grief, which we all suffer from to some level

Suitable for all levels and anyone 16 or older


In this class we will practice specific yoga techniques that target our mental and emotional state directly. We will learn and practice breathing exercises, we will chant mantras from the yoga tradition, we will work with our subtle body, get familiar with prana (subtle energy), we will meditate and also use group dynamic techniques.

Yoga, at it's essence, is a healing methodology. The original yogis realized that the body-mind-breath are one and discovered ways to increase the state of peace and wellbeing and decrease suffering and distress. We all need healing, whether it's from trauma, grief, depression or anxiety, or in a more preventative way of re-patterning our self-harming tendencies.

This class is open to all people, from all backgrounds, with any level of experience in yoga or other contemplative practices. Important disclaimer: this practice does not substitute therapy of any kind, if you suffer from any condition it is highly recommended that you seek professional help.

intro to yoga / yoga for beginners

Introduction to the foundations of Yoga. 

Suitable for those who are new to Yoga or want to get back to the basics.


We’ll get acquainted with a specific breath called ujjayi-pranayama and get accustomed to moving in synchronization with the breath. We'll grow an awareness of the foundations of inelligent alignment in posture and movement. We’ll also get a taste of other aspects of the yoga practice such as breathing exercises and meditation. Detailed explanations will be presented so expect occasional pauses.

yoga therapy / gentle yoga

A soft and healing Yoga class.

Suitable for anyone who wants a gentle flow-based practice to get the body moving and feel more at ease, as well as for anyone who has a physical limitations, health concern or is in a recovery process.


Yoga Therapy is a growing and much needed tool in the modern world. It has been used for many generations in India. It is using yoga techniques and approach to healing the body and mind and is helpful in all physical or mental conditions - recovering from a surgery or injury, dealing with chronic issues, helping with sleeping disorders, dealing with disease or limitations of all kinds, and more, much more..

In this method we will use breath and movement, as well as some yoga postures. The focus is on that which is functioning well and not on what is "wrong".


Introduction to basic breathing exercise techniques. 

Suitable for anyone who has completed at least 10-15 "hatha-vinyasa" classes.


We will practice extending and holding our breath, balancing our nervous system and the flow of prana (life force or energy) within. The entire class is done in a seated position.


Introduction to the Buddhist teachings and the practice of Anapana and Vipassana Meditation.

Suitable for anyone wishing to practice. No prior background is required.


We will practice short sessions of observing the natural breath and the physical sensations in our body. The entire class is done in a cross legged seated or any other comfortable position.

private yoga

A yoga class in a private setting, in the studio or at your place

Each practice is designed to suit your personal needs and requirements

We practice a style of yoga called "hatha-vinyasa"


A yoga method which is based on linking movement with breath in a balance between effort and ease which has a calming effect on the mind and the nervous system. The classes will target whatever needs to be processed, may it be a therapeutic aspect or another intention that you would like to pursue with yoga.

yoga coaching

One-on-one setting, in the studio or at your own place

Suitable for anyone in need of guidance, reflection or support in life


We will only be using tools and knowledge from the yoga and Buddhist traditions. In the sessions we will do some talking, breathing and meditating, as well as other exercises. It is a process that is meant to change the patterns of thinking and behaving from non-constructive to constructive ones, and to ultimately take a few steps towards resolving ourselves and finding peace within.

This is not psychotherapy or any other formal type of therapy. It is merely a guided and self-reflective experience of how to live a more present and (w)holistic lifestyle, externally and internally.