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Master Class

A special long yoga class for the dedicated and passionate yoga practitioner who is interested in deepening her/his practice and expand the understanding and knowledge of what yoga is really about.

Each class will start with an opening chant from the yoga tradition, followed by a well-rounded and educational practice of yoga-asana (posture and movement), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, ending with a closing chant. After the practice there will be a talk about a specific topic that is directly related to the practice and philosophy behind it. Every class will have a different theme and focus points.

These special classes are opportunities for you to take your asana practice further, but more importantly lead you to the highest limbs of yoga, the more advanced practices that work on the mind directly and have much more impact on our overall well-being and sense of peace and happiness, which is where yoga should take us to.

There will always be time for Q&A for the more inquisitive individuals, and also to make a connection with like-minded ones.

Self-Practice Workshop

In this workshop you will get the tools to create and sustain an independent yoga self-practice. We will discuss all the mental, physical and practical obstacles that prevent us from stepping on our yoga mat and start to practice, and you will get many ideas on how to overcome them, and gain much clarity on how to create a practice that best fits your needs.

You will get a manual that you can use on your first few months of self-practice, and an eco-friendly yoga mat made in Germany.

For many generations yogis have been practicing alone, sometimes even isolated from society. In the past century or so in India, before yoga has spread to the West, the student would see her/his teacher once in a while, and get instructions on how to practice at home. It is fairly a new phenomena that yoga practitioners rely solely on led classes for their practice.

This workshop is a great opportunity to gain freedom and become a self reliant yoga practitioner.

Yoga Philosophy

It is a consensus that the most significant text on yoga is "Yoga Sutras by Patanjali" which was written just under 2000 years ago. In this text Patanjali lays down the entire, very complex, understanding of the human psyche according to yoga. He also offers a complete system of yoga, which he calls "Ashtanga Yoga" (eight limb yoga), that is meant to lead us towards the goals of yoga, which he explains about as well.

This text is multi-layered, profound and required repeated attention and study. It can meet us in different times in our lives and trigger different realizations. It is a master piece and simply a must for anyone who walks on the path of yoga and devotes time and effort on that path. Without understanding the depth and essence of it, it is very likely that one takes the wrong turn on the journey.

We will systematically go over this text, from the first Sutra (passage), and discuss it, contemplate it, share our thoughts and doubts, try to find clarity. Above all, we will try to use this knowledge in our own life, take it into our own practice. This is the purpose for which this was written.

Teacher Training Workshop

We will break down and go in depth into different topics, techniques, application and other elements of yoga. Each session will include a theoretical introduction and background, and a practical workshop so that we fill our tool box with tools that we can use in our own practice and later share with others.

These workshops are meant for those of us interested in completeing the program and getting a teaching certificate, but they can be very beneficial to anyone wishing to 

  • Interest, curiosity, devotion and passion for the path and tradition of yoga and mindfulness

  • Openness and willingness to go on a journey that requires self-reflection and expanding the comfort zone

  • Filling an application form

  • Face to face meeting with Oren 

Asana Lab

  • Master Class and Workshops - TBD

  • Yoga Philosophy - yoga IN person Schönberg @ Innsbrucker Str. 21, 10825

  • Retreats - Anandahaus in Brandenburg

Assisting: Hands-On and Off

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  • If you wish to join the entire program pay a deposit of 500

  • Paying the remaining course fee no later than the first day of the course

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  • Contact us for any question or comment at: yogainperson@gmail.com


We strive to provide you with a top quality YTT experience which gives you a profound understanding and knowledge of yoga theory, as well as a wide range of tools that you could use when sharing your knowledge with others, so that you can become an authentic and professional yoga instructor or teacher.


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